Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Fashion Idol.
Dont you ever get bored of people asking you who is your fav actor/actress or which business mogul you look up to? Who came first, man or woman, chicken or egg? What did you do today?What did you STUDY today?? Zzzzzz.... That and all the other 'intelligent/ questions ppl throw at you on a daily basis.

But how come nobody ever asked bout my fashion idol???? My fashion style has evolved a great deal because of her (she's younger than me by a year btw). From nerd into lady, beast into beauty, duck into swan. The likes of it. (or so i hope)

Meet Jane. I absolutely adore her ! Love the clothes she wears! Love how she mixes and matches her outfits together. So.. so.. "Fabulous!!!", something I know EuShen would say ;) Words cannot describe her and her mom. They are AWESOME.

Shall post more on their FABULOUS clothes when I have the time. Till then, TURRAH! =)

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jordache.wee said...

Take this: Gemma Arterton and Lily Donaldson