Sunday, January 25, 2009

A lil bit of Books and Brains.


It is comfirmed. I have completely transformed into a nerd. Yea NERD. I know i know. Christine. You've always been a nerd what. Why take you so long to figure this out?

Self realization is a bitch.

*angry grunge faced christine*

How this ohmygodchristineyou'vefinallyrealized phase came about hit 3 days ago, while i was on my way back from SP.

So yea. I was on my way back. In the car. Thinking of the shitloads of things I have to do when I reached home. Thinking bout how 'great' this year's cny will be. Thinking bout angpows *shit. I cant find the money sign on my keypad. Anyways, the mind is a tool for imagination. Use it. WTF. All this sarcasm on cny? Im so cursed this year.* Thinking bout getting to wear my new clothes. Hmmmmmm.... Did I pack it nicely in my gorgeous AlainDeloin suitcase?

Thinking thinking thinking....


OHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYFUCKINNNNNNN *****inhale**** (lets not contaminate the minds of the young ones this cny)

IforgottenTObringBACKmy Dorlands Medical Dictionary!!!!!!!!!


Now for those of you who knows me. This woiuld be the last thing that comes out from the ulcerating mouth of mine (i blame the curry)

What shouldve been said was:


But NO. I had to say it. At times where the only thing that can keep my sanity intact throughout this whole pre-examholiday week was the opportunity to adorned my newly bought garments, I, Christine, self proclaimed Goddess of Fashion who has been brought down to Earth to help all those who are unfabulous Medical student, could only think of 1 thing.
My Dictionary. Wtf?

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