Friday, August 15, 2008

Jumbled Up

Hello there again peeps!

Firstly, I have to apologize for the totally emo post I wrote a few days back. Was feeling abit down that day. These few days to be exact. I really have to thank all of you guys who had shown me lots and lots of concern. I really appreciate all the advice and support! Its because of you guys, my world seems so much brighter now. Thank you.

Well, I guess I owe you guys an explanation huh. Here goes.

Every night, I have been tossing and turning as I lie in bed, thinking about the uncertainess of my future. Wondering how my next 5 years are going to be like. Life in Kedah hasnt exactly been a stroll in the park for me. I have experienced my fair share of bitterness and Im as scared as hell that I might have to go through the same thing again.

U know the idiom "Once bitten, twice shy"?

It means that someone who has been hurt or who has had something go wrong will be far more careful the next time.

Thats not the case for me. I think im a "once bitten, twice die" kind of person. Serious! I am not pain resistant at all. Another round of backstabbing and I'll most probably kanasai on the spot. Know whats worse? Of all places to die, i have to kick the bucket in Aimst. Great. Something to make me feel more 'happy' about. (Dont forget to ship my body back here peeps! I doubt my soul can ever find any peace there!)

Bah. All this talk is building a migrain the size of kenny sia's coconuts.

Moving on!

Im sure you guys notice the change in the layouts! I lurrrrrrrve this new layout! It wasnt exactly like this when I first got the html template code. Had to tweak it abit here and there. Centerlize the wordings and images, change the font size and font weight and the font colors as well, tweak the margins and paddings of the tables, added a few text decorations and of course, relink everyone. Its quite a tedious job really. Im sure you all are wondering how did I, Christine Wong, a person with 1% of computing skills, edit html codes for the layout!? Sounds crazy rite! But yeap yeap! I came out of it alive and well!

But still, I quite like the old one. You know. The YUMMYLICIOUS one ;D But, it didnt have a comments link to it. Why do I need a comments link you ask? Well, apparently, me little chatbox is abit cacated. A few birds told me they wrote stuffs there but it never appeared. So yea, please proceed all comments to the 'shared my thoughts' link at the bottom of all posts! But if you wana take your chance with the chatbox, be my guest =)

Next order of business!

Who watched the Olympics badminton men singles today!? The game between Chong Wei of Malaysia and Lee H I of Korea. It was a brilliant match. First round goes to Chong Wei, but the second round was won by Lee H I. Chong Wei really made us worry for a minute there. But he did nothing but delivered in the last round of the match, winning the game with a brilliant 8 point lead! I have a feeling that Chong Wei might just win the first ever Olympic Gold Medal for Malaysia! Go Malaysia!

Red undies. For good luck maybe? ;p


Im sorry Noel for leaving so early that day! Wished I couldve stayed longer! I hope you are having nothing but a great time in Singapore! Come back and visit us often!

Christine Wong,
Your chinese friend.


jordache.wee said...

Red undies? Looks like orange to me =p

Christine said...

Your rite..! Looks orangey now. haha. I need to upgrade me specs. =)