Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tennis 101

Date: 24th July 2oo8 ( I know. I've been lazy. Sue me.)

Had my first ever tennis game on Thursday at Sunway College tennis court. Totally forgetting that its a school day and that hundreds of college students would be walking about, I chose today to wear my absolutely most horrible, butt ugly shirt, pants, and track shoes. To make matters worse, I spotted a few cute guys! ARGH. Kill me. KILL ME.

So anyways! I brought me trusty old camera with me. Have taken quite an interest in photography. Seriously. Like just the other day, I studied bout Macro and how to enhance close up picture taking with it.

Today's lesson is: Multiple Continuous Shots

And next we have Dic-Syen. Look at his LOOOOONG legs.

LOL. OK. That was evil. Dont be angry yaaa.. Miss you loads hema! We all miss you!

Hema took snapshots of me too. But Im soooo not going to post it. Was at my most horriblelest horrible. ARGGGHH! WHY TODAY!? WHYYYYY????

On a more lighter note, :D

I completely ransacked Noel's wallet.

It's only obvious which card I'll invade first rite.

Haha. Nice bo Noel? =) Thats why you shouldnt ............ (fill in the blanks)

p/s. I mean no harm to the Indian community. This is completely for bashing up purposes. Laugh people LAUGH ;D

A guy once asked me, "Why does your purse have soooo many things inside?"


Why does a guy's wallet have NOTHING inside?

Using my brilliant calculator arithmatic skills, the total sum is RM 40 only. So little. I honestly dont know how people survive carrying so little money around. Im not rich or anything, but I need at least RM 50 in my purse. In case I wanna go makan or go for an emergency shopping or something. How do guys survive? HOW

Looks like Mr. Potato. kekeke.

Last but not least, the Sunway U card.

After the complete violation of Noel's innocent wallet, the games went on. Halfway through, I got ................................... So had to take a seat.
I was this innocent girl in pain, sitting on the ground, innocently watching the games going on. Completely harmless. But those darn monstrosities wont leave me alone!

Yes my friends. The power of the ants. Biting and crawling all over me.
Those ants really dont know their place in the world.

R.I.P. (Egads. The ants are sticking out like a sore thumb. Hema is going to kill me.)

Rubbidy rub rub.

There. Close enough. I think she wont notice. (and she didnt =)


Before I end, let me show you some pictures of Sunway College. I know of some poor souls studying in Kedah who have never seen this place before. So, presenting, SUNWAY COLLEGE.


Oh yea, I got myself a Myvi that day too ;D

p/s. Take care in Singapore yea Noel =)

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