Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bear's 18th and Vege's Farewell.

Today is Dawn Ng Ving-Yan's aka The Sweetest Bear 18th Birthday! Weeeet! The BIG 18. The year that we can finally do all the stuffs which are illegal to those who are below 18! The 18th bday is an important one indeed. Besides that, another friend, Mr. Lim Shing Vee aka Vegetable, is leaving for Hong Kong this Saturday. Therefore, Boon and I drew out a plan to throw a surprise bday dinner for Dawn and a farewell dinner for Vee! Boon, me and Karmern each have a list of people to invite. Shee Wuee didnt have one because she is having her exams. Cannot disturb her. All the best ya Shee Wuee!

Again, like every other surprise parties that are planned, it NEVER works out. When oh when will someone fall for it???

Anyways! We decided to hold the party in Strawberry Cafe at 6.30pm. Me and Boon were there first cause we have to go to Taipan to buy the birthday/farewell cake. Quite tough lor to buy the cake. I LOVE fruit cakes and HATE too chocolate-ty cakes WHERE ELSE Boon LOVE chocolate cakes and HATE fruit cakes. We made the King's worker run from one side of the cake counter to the other and back again. Pity him.. LOL. In the end, Boon and I came to an agreement. We bought the Fruit and Chocolate Mousse Cake! A mixture of fruits and chocolate! Talk about perfection! =)

After buying the cake, we rushed to Strawberry Cafe cause it was already 6.30pm. We thought we will be among the latest to arrive. Surprise surprise. We were the first one there. haha. Meanwhile, Kevin aka Dawn's Bright and Shining Knight was on his way to pick her. People started pouring in sligtly after that. Shing Vee arrived around this time too. Shing Vee the Vegee. Haha. I cant get it out of my head. U know. Veeeeee sounds like Vegeeeeee. hahaha. Dawn arrived soon after, blindfolded of course! We all shouted (ok la. Only me and boon) "SURPRISEEEEEEEE!" Precious moment there.

So yea. I'll let the pics sing for itself now =)

All the beautiful girls present.

The Fruit and Chocolate Mousse cake.

Dawn making her wish. Hope it will come true Dawn!

Dawn and Vege cutting the beautiful cake.

Enjoying the cake. Yummy yum yum!

All of us.

Me and Vege.

Me trying to push Vege out of the picture. Success rating: 101/100!

V.V Peace!

More people has joined me and my 'peace sign' forces. Shall the peace be with you.

Was trying to be a pimp. I was actually giving them two thumbs up. But dunno who go cut my hands T.T

LOL. Just joking :D

Me, Dawn, and Kevin!

Ooooh... Can see my pineapple rice. Take a gooooood look! I finished it!

Omg. Kevin. You are the cutest among all of us! R you sure you are a GUY?? Sometimes, people can get confused with their sexuality. LOL.

Another picture with all of us again. That darn Adrian is tip-toeing. He aint that tall. No one will believe this la Adrian.

Me and Vincent Lui. Must take a picture with him cause I dont know wheter I will have the chance to see him again before I leave cause he a very very very busy man. :D All the best in your coming exams ok! Dont be an excessive NERD! LOL.

Me and Vee after the 2nd round of mamaking at Sri Melur. In case I do not see you, hope you have a blast in Hong Kong. Always remember to take care of your health and study hard! Dont forget you have to bring me to Ocean Park AND Disneyland =) You promised!


Christine Wong,

Your friend who is dying to go Disneyland. (Please bring her there!)

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