Monday, August 25, 2008

Pyramid! Again!

You know what? No matter how many times I go to Pyramid, I always seem to be able to find something to buy there. Thats something very bad. Very very bad indeed. :D

Karmern wanted to go dress hunting for her Monash Ball. The theme was Colurful/Mardigras. Mardigras? Haha. Personally, I dont think Mardigras and Monash Ball even comes close to each other. They are totally different in style! But what ever suits Monash student's fancy ;D At least its way better than Aimst's DND Nite.

So anyways, i accompanied her on her hunt for the perfect dress! Lama-kelamaan, I started trying on the dresses too =p What!? Surely you kinda expected it. Its hard work following people around. Hands started to itch. Visions started to blur. The best medicine, CLOTHES!

Finally Karmern settled on a dress. No its not the ones we took picture in. Its another dress- halter, slightly above knee lenght, black with floral patterns and swirls.


So after that long hunt, me and Karmern were starving. Met up with Dawn at Asian Avenue and then headed to Gasoline for lunch. Never tried this place before but its always a full house whenever I passed it, and I heard it was really famous.

Honestly, I didnt even know that the restaurant's name was Gasoline. Its just a store I've walked passed probably about a million times this year and yet didnt bother about it (how ignorant can I be? :)

The moment I saw the restaurant's name-Gasoline, it somehow rang a bell in my head. Its like I've heard of it before. I've seen the logo for Gasoline before. "Where where where where??" was all I could think. It was oh-too-familiar.


John's dad OWNS a franchise of Gasoline in KL! OMG. NO EFFING WAY!!! For those of you who dont know, John was an ex-bf of mine in NS. Yes, the gangster one. The one that lasted only a day cause I got bored of him. Yes yes. I know i know. My NS time was one of my most playful moments of my life. I've heard the lectures. You guys can stop now =) To defend myself, he was the hottest and coolest guy in my camp. Every girl was practically drooling over him. What would you do if you were me? Say no when he asked? Come on la... haha. I speak some truth huh :p hahahah.

Back to the topic at hand, John did tell me something about Gasoline and even drew pictures of the logo on every single piece of paper I've handed to him! He said something about father owning Gasoline and him owning a handphone shop =.=. During that time, I didnt know what Gasoline was. I thought it was some.. I dunno. Something la. Didnt really cared cause we broke off anyways. Who knew he was so freaking rich!?

Inside Gasoline:

Warning! Dont ever EVER try to take a funny pic with Karmern! She's not funny! She's always CUTE. I look so stupid next to her! LOL. And she was the one who wanted a funny pic! =.="

Here are a few examples.

See what I mean =.="

Oh well, better stick to normal everything-is-just-fine-and-dandy smiles. =)

Almost at the end of our meal, we saw this bunch of guys passing our table on their way out. We stared at their table.

Now we know why they chose to sit there ;) heheh. Karmern reckons they wanted to feel her BOOBIES. Her non-existant BOOBIES.


After lunch, we went over to Nicole's. Intro some clothes to Dawn cause I lurve their designs.

OMG. I look so looooooooong.

Make mental note: Must stop buying long tops.

2nd mental note: Stick to your first mental note.


Me RM 79.90 bag. *Smiles really really wide =)


Lorraine said...

I remember John! The tattoo guy right? Still remember he always got caught by Cikgu Shafee for trying to skip the morning assemblies. And remember how he was made assistant. errr.. Assistant ketua kompeni? Forgot the title of the post liaw ;p OMG. I wonder what happened to that apple girl. Whats her name again? I think it starts with a M. She had such a crush on John and she was so crushed when she found out he was your bf. Anywy. Its been a long time since I saw you. A year and a half now aint it? Hope to meet up with you soon. Toodles!

Pei Foong said...

Christine and John of Kem Sentosa. The good old days! Miss ya!

Christine said...

Easy gurlsss.. haha. So much excitement building around John. hehe. Yea! Long time didnt see you guys already! Miss you guys loads! Hey, you guys have to pass me your hp numbers again cause I lost my hp with my Sim card inside. So all your numbers all missing =( Mail it to me yea! Or msn me =)