Sunday, August 17, 2008

How I wasted my 5 hours and 55 minutes.

Want to know how I trifled away my precious 5 hours and 55 minutes?

2 words. Amali lecture. Yes, this means........................


Woohoo! Congratulate me people! =)

I took my Undang test roughly around 2 weeks ago. But had totally forgotten to blog about it until today.

I still remember how nervous I was because I didnt even bother to study until the last day. I didnt sleep a wink at all the night before the test cause I had to go through the 2 books. So tired.

But it was well worth it =)

48/50. Fuyoh. A personal best for Christine.

17 minit and 29 saat. Double Fuyoh.

Thank you JPJ!

Out with the old news and in with the NEW!

Today, I basically had to go for my amali.

Things didnt start out well. I woke up late. REALLY REALLY LATE. The aunty who was supposed to send me to the driving centre actually arrived before I got up from bed. I RUSHED LIKE MAD! I didnt even bother to brush my teeth (eeeeeee... I know. But got no choice la. I dont want to make the aunty wait. Dont worry. My breath didnt stink cause I was smart enough to bring cococrunch to munch and milo to drink. Smart me =)

Anyways, the lecture was super duper boring. I actually fell asleep with my eyes wide open. *yawns. I didnt get enough sleep ok.

Oh oh! During class, there was this fat dude who kept staring at me. What's his problem? Im not the only one who noticed it. There was this malay guy sitting behing of me who keeps telling me that "budak itu selalu tengokkan you." CREEPY. Lunch time crept about and that guy was trailing me. I think he thinks that I didnt notice. But I did! I quickly lined up and bought my food and sat at a round table at the end of the cafe. I thought I got away. But. Nope. He went to that same table and asked wheter there was anybody sitting there anot. Its kinda obvious that there was no one else there, so I cant lie and say "Yes. There is someone sitting here." He sat down and started talking, as I expected. First in mandarin. Then I told him I couldnt understand, hoping that he doesnt know how to speak english. No such luck. His english was way better than his mandarin. =.=" He asked the typical standard questions.

"Where are you from?"
"Where are you staying?"
"Working or still studying?"
"Got brothers or sisters ma?"
"How old r u?"

Standard questions. So I just answered. Asked him back the same questions also, but honestly, I dont really care. I know he is working in SS17 as a chef. I know he is an Ipoh boy who shifted to Subang cause of his work. And I know he is a year older than me.

The conversation was all fine and dandy UNTIL he started commenting about alot of things. He called me the one thing I very pantang about. He called me a rich kid.

I ABSOULTELY HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CALL ME RICH or SAY I LOOK RICH or ANYTHING LA TO DO WITH RICH cause I AM NOT RICH AT ALL! Im from a mediocre family with a mediocre financial income! Why would I lie about it la!? I so free to fake my richness meh?

I dont know how my appearance today can make him even think Im rich. I woke up late today remember. I just threw on the top I bought yesterday (the orange sorbet brand top) and my trusty old Giordano jeans. I didnt even comb my hair. No makeup. No accesories. No nothing. Even my handphone is so lousy that if I were to give it out for free, no one would even bother to take it!

Fine. I'll give him the benefit of a doubt. Maybe he mistakenly thought I was rich. But after I told him I was not many many times, he still fought with me! I was like. Wtf?

That sad sad boy.


This half a day was a complete waste of time for me. I learnt nothing new. I met a bugger. And I got half burnt by the sun. Shitty experience.

Hmm. At least I got to test try the car for 5 minutes. 5 minutes of joy.

Hence, total shitty time spent: 5 hours and 55 mins/ 6hours


uKen said...

Someone got a stalker/admirer.

Christine said...

Haha. I think he is just a weird fella. Hopefully he doest stalk me all the way to this blog. Then I sure die leh.