Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Endless Shopping!

Mummy decided to take me for a shopping spree today at Pyramid! Wheeeee~

Ate dinner at Dragon-i. Yummy.

Yes yes. I know. I dont look anything like my mum or sis. =p

This is my .... forgotten the name of the dish liao. Nvm. I shall name it, The Nameless Noodle.

This is the result of 4 hours of shopping. Yes. Only 4 hours. =)

Cant you see the happiness in my eyes? :D

Come take a look at what I've bought. *dumrolls.

A badminton tee.


A green top from Hang Ten. Not bad rite. Didnt know Hang Ten got sell such tops.

Low waisted skinny ROMP jeans.


Last but not least. The white blouse from Nicole. Cost me RM90!! But totally worth it!! Cause I need it for the Orientation Week of my course. (OMG. Going to start my course soon d =.=)


I lurve this top cause I can wear it so many ways. Its so versastile and fashionable at the same time!

Look #1

The Formal Attire.

Look #2

The Slightly More Casual Formal Look.

Look #3

The Belted Look.

Look #4

The Glamour/Sophisticated Look.

I am in Heaven =)

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