Monday, August 4, 2008

Mission Let's-Screw-Around-With-Our-Life

Alrighty. Me, Hema, Justin, Darren and Han Xin were feeling bored. So, someone decided we should all go out for a meal together. Someone suggested Swensons. So. Swensons it was.

It so happened that the Topless 5 were in town.

RM 15 per entry.

Are you thinking about what Im thinking your thinking? I think you are. Dont hide it. ;D

Presenting the TOPLESS 5.

*drum rolls*

You dirty wankers. Shame on you.

Hema's Super Expensive Choc Sundae.


After eating, we were still bored. So decided to go AC to play pool and makan some more.

Eh. What's my purse doing there. =.="

Thank God we had Justin. It made winning pool so much easier. heheh. Girrrrl Power ey.

After a few good rounds of pool, Hema suggested that we should try doing something really crazy cause she reckons she wont be able to do it no more in Indo (Im sure ur still be as crazy as ever there =p).

She suggested we take pics on a road. You know. Like what all the youngsters are doing nowadays. Lying in the middle of an empty road (which we never found. All the roads were darn buzy eventhough its 1am in the morning) and just having plain reckless fun. Risking our lives in the process.

She's game. Han Xin's game. Justin's game. Me? Do you even need to ask? *evil grin.


GRRRRR... Han Xin;s all ready for Mission Let's-Screw-Around-With-Our-Life.

Operation is a GO.

Han Xin checking out the traffic.

Hema on standby.

Be carefull while browsing through the pics. You never know what might just pop up. Warning: Not for cowards.

The dark and empty road. Or is it?

BOOOOOOOO!!!! hahahahaha!

Part 1 End. (yea. Its not the end just yet =)

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