Friday, October 17, 2008

K to the awazu!

Zzzzzz.... Its a Saturday today (in context to the post =p). Saturday also got class! *sighs. One hour class somemore. Wth? grrrrrrrrr.... haha.

Neways, the 5 of us went out for lunch today. Opted for something a wee bit more fancy cause.. well.. Saturday ma... We all know Saturdays and Sundays are like the Super Spending Days of the week. Hence Saturday and Sunday. hahaha. Get it? hahaha.

Seeing how Adrian is new to the foreign ulu land of Kedah, me being completely indesicive, and Shing Ning + Evelyn dont really go out to eat too often, we left the ultimate decision of choosing the place to eat to MR. ONG KOK KEONG. He suggested Japanese! Immediate reaction, "SUSHIIIIIII!!!!!!"

First we thought of Motomiya. Then the duno what buffet thingy in Auto city. Finally, deceided on Kawazu. Never been here before. Heard bout it, but never tried it. So today was my first!

The interior is kinda like the same in Motomiya. Nothing special there.

Our quaint little room =)

Adrian, Me, Shing Ning, Evelyn and Kok Keong

The ah chuah pose!

To Adrian: I AM NOT A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Boo you. T.T

Eat until so damn full. Tummy is going to burst open any second. haha.

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