Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lumut 2nd Day - Morning (The Beach)

After a good night's rest, it was time to freshen up and head on down to the................. BREAKFAST BUFFET TABLE! Dont tell me you thought I was going straight down to the beach with an empty stomach. haha.

Isnt the view just spectacular?

Heheh ;)

Everybody is in the mood for coconuts.

Mua n sis

Mua, sis and dad.


My dad and mum's FUNNY SIDE. Hehehe.

Dad was eye-ing them coconuts. hahah.

Wah... Coconuts wor.. So manyyyy.. Kl no see wan.. aahahahahah.


Arent they just sooooo cuteeee... =)



After the phototaking sessions with the coconuts, its time to go to the bitch BEACH. YAY!

The umbrella is really big. But hey! U dont want to get a sunburn! Haha. Smart me.


Mum and sis decided to try kayaking. They seemed so confident. AT FIRST. hahahaha.

HAHA! Stuck!!

~To be continued...... luvs...

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