Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Week

I think it has been around a week since I got back here, Kedah. Nothing much changed. Aimst is still the same. Central Square is still the same. Sungai Petani is still the same. Nothing changed also! But one thing is for sure, the Chinese population is rapidly increasing. Now at least I can spot 5 Chinese out of 15 people.

Anyhoos. First week into Medicine. Though its mostly introduction to medicine by lecturers, I'm so tired.... Sometimes I feel like im so bored till can die, but sometimes i feel like got so many things to do. haha. My mood swing today quite teruk also cause *aherm aherm. Us girls "monthly". But still can go badminton. I never learn my lesson. If I play during *aherm, sure will pain later. But.. I cant resist the pull to play badminton *smacks naughty hands.

So lets see.. Yet to be ragged. Hopefully there wont be any ragging *prays hard.. Found out that most of our lecturers are really really famous lecturers from India. Most of them have written books and have so many awards that its impossible to count them by hand. So yea, feel really lucky to have them. And the medical building is really cekap! Last time there were still parts under renovation, but now, its like, COMPLETE. The technology here is really really cekap.

Oh yea, and I got RE-acquainted with MR. Cadaver.

Met many old friends here. Those who are senior and those who are junior. Met new people too! But not from my own batch unfortunately. No chance to interact with them yet. Maybe during the ragging session =p


On Thursday night, after badminton again =p, me and my friends went to the tanglung festival hosted by the Dentistry students. It was fun to watch them light those big lanterns that float to the air. No pictures now cause didn't load the pictures into the comp. Next time. Definitely.


One last thing before I end, church buddies of mine celebrated my birthday, together with Alex's birthday! So sweeeet! They did it yesterday night in church. It was such a surprise and so full of thought. They had a cake ready and everything. They sang happy birthday with drums and guitars and pianos accompaniment with Claudia and the rest singing Happy Birthday over the mics. I lurve them to bits! There are too many of you there to mention so for those who are there, THANK YOU! It was really a joyous moment! Unfortunately didnt bring camera cause I seriously didnt expect it. But I have the picture of the cake in my handphone. See la when I have time to upload them into the lappie. hehe.

Speaking of birthday surprises, I want to thank my friends back home who too held a surprise birthday party for me a few days ago too! Love you guys soooooo much! And I miss allllllllll of you! Misses~

That reminds me of Yoyo and Toto for the surprise present! heheh. As promised, your identities are kept a secret. These two teamed up and sent me this really adorable soft toy through Poslaju all the way to my house. Luvs! And thanks for the really 'well' written card. haha. You two always make me laugh.

BTW, my birthday not over yet ok! Its on the 22nd of September! This Monday! hehehehehe.

Happy 19th Christine old chap~

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