Monday, June 30, 2008


Went yoga-ing today. Im not a follower of yoga. Its a painful style of relaxation.

I started my yoga-ing session today at the ADVANCE YOGA CLASS. There werent intermediate classes today. They cancelled it last minute. Damn them!! But i thought, "heh.. Wat the heck rite. How much a difference can there be?"

Fuuk. I died in that class.

After the class was over, seeing that I have lotsa time to splurge, I went to test try True Fitness's Bikram Hot Yoga. Never tried it before. So wat the heck rite?

The rooms are hot! They werent joking about the HOT part. Havent enter also feel so damn HOT. LOL.

Haihz. But chickened out in the end. Too hot for me to handle. Dont dare compete with all the ah-mas and ah-peks strutting their hotness there. hahaha.. Theres only so much HOTNESS a person can handle. ahahahahaha...

So, I decided to go around True Fitness and snap pics.

There are seriously banyak mirrors there =) BANYAK.

EH! Underage boys close your eyes! Dun be a perv.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Loo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~Ze Changing Cubicle (I wasnt changing perv. Saja..=)~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Big Ass Mirror~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Lockers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Signboard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, at the end of the night, this is the result of yoga-ing.

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