Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hancock is Hancock.

Guys get sooooo excited when they hear or talk about Hancock. Aiyoyoyo.... They have so many interpretations about it. Small kids.. HAHAHAHAHA...!

Its not:
  1. Hand on Cock

  2. Handsome Cock

  3. Han+Cock (Just because your name has a Han in it doesnt mean its referring to yours =.=")

  4. Huge Cock

  5. Humongous Cock

Do you see the trend. Everything oso got something to do with That. tsk tsk tsk.. haha..

Sori to burst u guys bubbles. The movie Hancock has nothing to do with That or anything near it.. HANCOCK = HANCOCK. There are no hidden meanings in them. hahahaha..! Ok ok.. Weyhhh.. U guys dont come kick me later! lol.

P.S. Please forgive my vulgarity. Couldnt resist.. =)


Cock Mouthed said...

u knw ur blog seems to be some problem with mine......

ChristineW said...

Wat problem? Stating the obvious nia. Wat do a nerd like me know bout all these things..