Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Word of Wisdom

Jonathan was dropping us home after the pooling session. In the car, Karmern and Kaysim and Wilson started talking bout love and bfs and gfs. Me and Jojo didnt hear cause we were sitting in front. So.. yea.. Talk talk talk. A few seconds after that, me and Jojo finally understood what they were talking about.

I only have one thing to say about Love. If someone's heart is meant for you, it will be waiting for you. So, dont need to go looking for one. It will come naturally.

Haha. I must learn to follow what I preach as well. Of course everyone wants a special guy or girl to be with them. To be by their side. To love and to hold. Someone you can tell everything to. Someone you trust. But its really not worth breaking your heart for someone you dont truely like lo. Dont force yourself into a relationship. Seriously.

=) I sound so wise today. Must be all those smoke.

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