Monday, August 3, 2009

The more things seem to change, The more they stay the same.

Last year, this year. Still the same bird (or so I thought =.=')

Its funny how as we grow older, we start reminiscing alot about our past. Times we spent over the course of 5 years in high school (stretches back into primary school for some). Friends we met then are all still so innocent and are more than willing to make friends with you. Giving the friendship every bit of sincerity it deserves.

The difference with the current situation?

Leaps and bounds my young padawans. Leaps and bounds.

Many things change around you. And we cant stop it. We are powerless against the flow of time and the course of nature for all things important. Buldings, taste, people. We just stand there, either enchanted by the change, or utterly disgusted by it. Then again, who are we to judge.


There are some things that just dont ever change :)

The more things seem to change,
The more they stay the same,
Dont you hessitate.

Same thing can be said for this idiot adolescent that have yet to reach puberty yet. ahahahaha. And no. You cant enter the group. Shoo shoo.

This fella. The same fella then, the same fella now.
Sarcastic. Cynnical. Loony. With a fetish for everything dirty.

I was kinda pissed halfway during the car ride back from Island Red cafe. How is it that I dont have a proper picture with this idiot when other people (aherm. Co. aherm. something that rings with ling) have? Eh i know you for almost 2 years d leh. Who is the person who always listens to your complaints and chia you eat overleft food? (for the not so bright, its me)

Screw the lights. Screw the camera. Screw the environment. Screw the front seats of a golden brown car.

"Im not photogenic"
"Camera shy ler"
"Can wait till next time when i got comb my hair properly"
"I dont look good on camera. I look better in real life. Look at the real product better"

Eh what camera shy? Which part? Which part?? You be the judge.
(i was blinded when i was looking through the pics =.=")

Hanyang: Eh im only 2 years old leh.
Christine: Ya i know. You're a small kid mah. Im already 18+ d.

I personally like this picture the most. Got someone more chioer than me!
(Dunno whether want to laugh or be ashamed. hmm. Harhar.)

So the moral of the story is that,

Dont ever trust a guy when he says that he is camera shy.

Anyways, im sure you are wondering why the upper part of this post sounds abit emo (or maybe not). Actually. I wrote it to somehow make this post seem like theres more substance than just randomly posted pictures of 2 adults sinfully camwhoring in the car, at 12 midnight, in the middle of the female carpark.

But after writing that part, I began to realize that many many many many many many people have changed. And that is an undeniable fact. Change is inevitable. But change for the better alright my dear friends :)

I think i still look the same as last year. Its not just me, everybody who is anybody keeps telling me this. I think its a good sign. Everlasting youth =) Read'em and weep. (Ignore the pjs please)

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