Friday, July 31, 2009

Cohort Study

Let us bow our heads down for a moment of silent prayers.

Rest in peace pieces,

My fellow stacks of notes!

Ok, so i stole this picture from my roomate via facebook. But same same laaaa the amount of notes we both have. (but somehow mine seems thicker. Cause all my notes cant fit into one box. I needed two =.=') *Reference books are not included yet.

and no im not a nerd.


It was the most grueling, most hardcore 3 weeks I have ever endured! This coming from the girl who survived a 3 month stint in the jungle!!! (7 weeks to be exact if you include our Continuous Assesment which was back to back with our Finals. Madness i tell you! MADNESS!)

Can you imagine having to looks through scores of notes, every SINGLE day. Notes after notes after notes after notes! I remembered thinking 'WHEN WILL THIS EVER END?!?' A vicious cycle that has neither a beginning nor an end.


These are my follow ups on the Cohort Study regarding mental disturbances over the course of MBBS Year 1 finals:

I developed very weird habits during my time as a recluse. I think the only time i ever got out of my room was to release products of unthinkable shape, color and sizes into a white bowl called the toilet. And not to mention leaving behind a scent that can be compared to no other (i eat roti telur bawang every night. So yea.)

I wont be one of those drama mamas (and drama papas) who just cant seem to stop telling EVERYONE who is ANYONE about how they:

(a) Played all day ie. onlining/gaming/shopping/etc etc etc

(b) Have not studied one bit (come on la. you did not study at all? this is finals la weyh. if you say that about CAs i still can understand, BUT NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WILL WASTE ONE YEAR OF STUDYING ONE OF THE TOUGHEST COURSE IN THE WORLD BY SCREWING UP THEIR FINALS. So seriously, stop. Cause no one believes you.)

(c) Keep going out to CS/Penang/Langkawi/AlorSetar/Thailand/China/UK/Mars/whatever

What is there to prove by telling us that you guys dont ever study?

I am not ashamed to say that I did not go out at all within that 3 weeks span. And god only knows how hard i studied for those papers. But of course I do allow myself certain forms of entertainment when my mind is saturated and can absorb no more.

Like creating little 'works of art' which serves absolutely no purpose in my life, or anyone else's for that matter.

But it does look pretty tho. Maybe will turn it into a badge or a necklace. Now you dont see this kind of things everyday.

I became freakishly obsessed with this cheap Mango pudding sold in our very own convenient shop!

yes drool at the pudding. Not the man on my desktop.

I actually woke up at 5am every morning. to study.

EH HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE AWAKE AT 5AM?? I DONT THINK IVE EVER SEEN YOU UP ANY EARLIER THAN 1PM (except for classes) says Roomate Aureus who has a habit of waking up at 5am regardless of the situation.

hmm. Yea. Weird. Im succumbing back to my normal routine already. So dont worry people of the Christine Nation, your leader will not fail you =)

OKAY. Im tired of blogging further. Id rather sleep.

So goodnight la humans. Go sleep.

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