Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Are The World

Truly meaningful.

Have to share it with you guys.

It was written by Micheal Jackson (way before he turned into a walking plastic doll. hmm.) and Lionel Richie (yea. Nicole Richie's dad), produced and conducted by Quincy Jones and recorded by a supergroup of 45 popular musicians billed as
USA for Africa (United Support of Artists for Africa).

The charity single was intended to raise funds to help famine- relief efforts in Africa, which had experienced unusual drought in 1984/1985.

To be honest, i think this is Micheal' best song PERIOD.

It was so good and so insightfull till even the great Luciano Pavarotti performed the song at one of his annual charity concerts in 1999 with the likes of Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey.

Luciano Pavarotti. Come on! That guy rocks socks!

Even the 'Shake Your Bum Bum' star wanted in to perform this awe-appealing song. (ie Ricky Martin la. What year are you from la to not know his signature SHAKE UR ASS MOVE)

We are the World,
We are the Children,
We are the ones that make the world a better place.

*Features powerful singers of all time.
~Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, Bruce Springsteen and Willie Nelson, just to name a few.

One World, Our Children

Really makes me wanna donate something.


Think they'll enjoy maggi mees?
Cause they're the only food i can spare at the moment :P

*Youtube damn freaking addictive right now. Dammit. Streaming video after video of MJ. (and i promised myself i wont get into the MJ hype. damn.)

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