Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And They Say Im Such a Geek

I spent 6 hours straight in the Anatomy Dissection Room dissecting...


You have been a good corpse. Yes you have.

Physically drained that I can no longer construct any sentence longer than 12 words. (this is my longest sentence so far. hmmm..)

Anyhoos. Im having my exams next week! gah!

My hair is growing longer. Woots.

The End.


*~JonLim~* said...

chill la...
ur a cool geek alrite?
unlike all the other un-cool geeks out there...
happy? :P

Christine said...


Happy I am.

You know. I am a geek. Geek = Computer lover. And i do love my computer :D

I just aint a nerd. haha.