Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chick Me Out

Because I can :)

I do not have any class tomorrow!
Yipppeee! I think this is the first time in my whole year of studying Medic that Im getting a legal day off (self proclaimed holidays not included :D)

Im not going to waste much of my free time writing long boring posts about my life. The current updates and what not. Instead! I'd like to introduce you to my current craze!

Ever heard of the show "Chick vs Dick"? Starring Kaykay and Paul. Zomg. They're so funny! Its a Singaporean kinda reality show where both KayKay and Paul will battle it out to see which sex is the strongest. If you read XiaXue's blog, you've probably seen this before.

I spent like 5 hours watching all 36 episodes :) I feel like my existance have finally fulfilled its purpose. haha.

Go watch it!

But dont forget!!

There is a chick here too aite :)


J-insigh @ G~Mee said...

Bigger boobies in your list? lmao.

The world provide better than fluid-filled-silicones.

Christine said...

lol. one can always dream no? haha.