Thursday, June 4, 2009

Falalalalala la la la la ~


Omg i wanted to kick myself in the balls (oopss. I dont have one :D) cause it was just too hillarious. At least for me it was :)

I still had my korean doll hair style. You know. The one with the fringe and jet black straight hair. Ok fine. Its not funny. But still! If you are my fren, you will just shake ur head and agree with me. Yes? Yes!

Check me out check me out! But dont laugh cause you know i know that you know im physhic =.=

Im in the choir. The 2nd row. In the middle. Actually almost smack right in the middle but im in the second row. So my awesomeness cant be seen at full blast. If you ever need a close up..... :)

*you can skip the first 6 minutes and 35 seconds. Haha XD*

Chun rite? hahahahah!

*5 minutes later*


Ok. Again im exxagerating. But ahahahahaha.

Hanyang is inside. And i see Foo (i dont really know him but he seems like a nice guy). Oh and i see socks with hole XD

XD. Hanyang is the monkey in the red jersey. The one that spells OPEL? Attention hogger. Beginning of the vid also in already :D

I dont know why i find it hillarious! God im such a freak! lol.

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