Thursday, June 4, 2009

Videos That Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack!

Good things shouldnt be kept.

It should be SHARED! lol.









*at time 0.07, you can hear a girl commenting, "WAH GENG OH!" while the crowd went wild! I shit you not.

*at 0.18, you can hear the girl saying, "WAH PIAO LIANG. TA HEN PIAO LIANG" (translation for d bananas = Wah.. Pretty. She is really pretty)

More cheering follows as me and Khai Leng turned back to do the 2nd lapse of the walk

*at time 0.42, you can hear them screaming CHHRRRIIIISSSSTTIIINNNNEEE!

*at 0.47, i gave a small wave (something im not supposed to do because its supposed to be an 'elegant walk'. whooopsss!). The crowd went estatic shortly later. I really really kid you not.

*then later the girl continued to tell the camera guy that ther person is from foundation. Both me and khai leng is from foundation so she could be referring to anyone of us.

hahahaha. I know this whole post sounds soooo bimboistic but come on laaaaaa.... I dont think i'll ever get the chance to do this again T___T


Thanks guys for cheering me on! You guys RAWK! *shy*


Back home :)


esther said...

hoi - damn diffictul to read ler. layout messed up :P

Christine said...

Hoi budak

Yea. i've heard complaints :p But when i view it thru my lappie seems fine.. Been planning to change the layout. Mayb after my finals! =) Till then tahan tahan T__T

J-insigh @ G~Mee said...

now it is fine. :D I bet it was a world worth experience!! :D

Christine said...

It sure was one helluva nite :) Least i have somethin to remember my youth by.. Im so old d T___T