Monday, June 1, 2009

And Out The Window The Mystery Goes!


Ive been receiving many 'complaints' from a certain few ppl as to why i did not tell them the full juicy details bout the 14stalks of roses :P

Mystery keeps us young what @>@ lmao.

Anyhoos, i'll just give a very brief low down bout it =)

Theres this guy from campus (like duh. Aimst is like stuck in the middle of now where). And we've been good friends practically since my foundation time. But i guess not many ppl know him cause he has quite a low profile. Which is good =) Something i'll like to obtain but unfortunately could not. Sighhh...

Moving along! There was this one time. He was having abit of a problem. Family problems. Since i was soooo uber free during the first few months of Medic, i was very much his go-to person for advise and comfort. Total friendship. On my part that is.

Then. You know. One day he just pops up with this bouquet of flowers. Confessed his feelings. And well. Im still single so that pretty much gives you a rough idea of what happened soon after.

But he is sweet! Like uber sweet cause i know he wont mind me posting this :) As long as his name is strictly not mentioned and i give no hints as to who he is and etc etc, he's totaly cool with it. And thats one thing i like about the fella (in a fren fren way), is his down to earth-ness. lols.

So yes guys. Thats it.

dont keep nudging me on msn k! I know you know i always appear offline so you guys just spam terus. Zzzzzz... Dont make my laptop hang ler...


*Other updates in my life!*

1) My finals are coming up really really soon and im not prepared! Gosh! Where did all my time fly to? Wish me luck =)

2) Ive earned another Rm250! Woohoo!

3) I recently found out that sleeping in library is like ... the BEST place to sleep. hahahaha.

4) The weather is so freaking unpredictable now! Its like hot hot hot then suddenly rain then hot then rain then rain rain rain. Then who knows, maybe it will snow the next time @.@

5) Im running out of food supply! NOOOO!!!!

6) Me and Wei Leng currently planning to go down Singapore during our 1 month and a half break :) Noel! Better be prepared for us! This is like the highlight of my day today! One week down in Singapore. Exploring. Seeing things. Possibly meeting new people! Oh the fun!

So basically thats all i cant think of till now. I shall update you guys on other things later!


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