Saturday, May 30, 2009

What could be sweeter than getting a bouquet of roses? :D

This whole week had been a real down point in my life. I keep feeling stupidly emo and could not help but to reminisce the past which can not be brought back. How foolish of I to keep thinking about that Perfect Guy and how he would one day, on his mighty Audi, come and sweep me off my.. err.. books?

But ALL phases comes to an end. Thank god.

There is no such thing as a Perfect Guy, and it had taken me so long to notice it.

I, solemnly vow, never to do anything that will potentially harm any future relationships just because of some stupid flaw the poor guy has.

Rest assured I have fully recovered!


Though i have yet to find The One yet, I have gained many presents experiences throughout the years.

But since im not authorised to tell you any details of my love life (this being a public blog and all..), I can show you a few pictures :D Pictures do tell a thousand stories.

This was me back then with my 11 stalks of red and pink roses.

Apparently 11 means 'You are my 1 and ONLY 1'.

So sweet kan? :D

Got it during my so called 'prom'.

It was actually called Dinner and Dance.

Omfg. This i actually laughed when I was going through my super old pictures.

How'd you come up with this? XD

My secret Valentine
Got it during Valentine's day back in high school.

Message says "meet me after school at the school gate"

I never went. Sorry to whomever it was!

And this is me now.

14 stalks of violet roses (they're so beauiful)

Why 14? Well thats a secret :D

ps. im still single yea XD (omg self promoting. hahahaha)

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