Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not Your Average Meal

Oh yes.

Your eyes have failed you not.

Its amazing how we are thought of as being shallow as to not be able to differentiate the 'cetak rompak' ones with the original. What happened to originality people!? Its like they just decided one fine day....

While sitting in a franchise of KFC in CS....

Businessman: I want to start a business.
Kalefei: Oh really? What type of business?
Businessman: I dunno. *looks around restaurant* A fastfood business perhaps?
Kalefei: Oh wow. What are you going to name it?
Businessman: Hmm... *stares blankly at KFC sign* I think im going to name it RFC.


Oh thats reallll smart.

Maybe I shouldnt be studying medic. I should be a businesswoman (not that Im not. aherm aherm *shy*)

Like who needs Manhattan Fish Market when you can have Malaysian Fish Market??? (OK i know that was a very sorry piece of cetak rompak work, but you get my point no?)

Their menu is almost a carbon copy version of KFC's! From the original or spicy chicken, to the coleslaw etc etc. But okla. At least they tried to be abit innovative by coming up with some ridiculous food like Sambal fried chicken. =.=" And if im not mistaken, Sambal burger. Double =.="

It just makes me wanna turn pro vegan.

Save the chicken, save the mind torture.

And the food so totally... is not like KFC. Which in this case is really bad cause taste was the one thing that could possibly save this joint. If you're gonna steal their theme, and partially their name, can you at least get the ingredients/cooking technique right?

Im sure the Colonel wont mind sharing his 'secret recipe' if he knew about defamation he was about to experience 57 years after he started KFC.

The burger was cold, the meat was too hard, the sauce tasted weird, and they used some cheap ass bun which tasted cheap! And it was expensive!!!!!

God i hate being stuck in a remote state.

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