Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Give me a time stopper!!!!!!

Haih... So busy nowadays i dont even have time to blog... (okla.. Busy playing and studying.. Study smart no? hahahaha) But i hope all ye faithful readers wont give up on me!

I've too many things to blog about....

*The Senior's Welcome*

*Traditional Malfunctional*

*Think i cant cook? Eat this!*

*Bye Khin Win Than.. xoxo*

*More Leboss....*

*Old Town Christmas!*

*Too Much Leboss.....*

*LamFong Concert in Autocity!*

*Furniture Hunting!*

*Butterworth's Best*

*camera shy.... Japanese cuisine at Kawazu*

*Taiwan babies!*

*The Friendly Visit*

*Can you keep a secret?*

*Penang during Labor's Day*

Each pic has a tale to tell. And theres so much more. Including bday wishes =)
Pray i'll have the time.. Medic is killing me....

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