Thursday, May 21, 2009

Staples, the death of Christine

OMG i hate the sound of staples clicking! No. That is an understatement. I really truly hate that sound!


Im trying to get some sleep after somewhat of a tiresome day today, and i cant! Cause someone is jamming those goddamn staples into papers, over and over and over again! Its been like an hour!!! How the f do you staple for an hour???? What are you stapling??? Please! Enlighten me! Show me!

I dont have anything against her personally. She's a sweet gal and I truly like her and value her as a friend. But COME ONNNNNNN!!!!! Ive heard ONE TOO MANY CLIPPINGS A DAY!

*bangs head on study table*

Do you want me to die due to sleep deprivation???? DO YOU??????

Please for the love of God, let me sleep...

*bangs notes against the wall (with pleasure)*

No more.....

No more please.........


★ whoaamello ★ said...

Maybe you should've confronted her about it.

Christine said...

hyeah.. Should have.. Guess i didnt want to start a fight.. haha. Thanks for ur advise! Will keep it in mind next time :)