Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me and My Itchy Hands!

I cant help but to sail away into the most dangerous place on the face of the Earth. The pull too strong for a frail woman of 19 with delectable taste to resist.

Topshop's online website. The place where everything can come true with a click of the mouse.

God Im so tempted to just buy every single piece there! They're all soooo Peerrrtttyyyy! But these are among the few Im planning to buy :) Like seriously! (prices will not be quoted as it''ll most probably shock half of you to death).

May the Fashion Gods be with me.

I seem to be going through a heels phase. I just cant stay away from anything thats more than 3 inches tall! My therapist says i'll be fine within a few months. Lets just hope the purse survives the trip as well T____T

And note many one pieces. Ie dresses. Lazy to match them with a bottom these days so these are the way to go! Awesome no?

Im thinkin of robbing the Topshop branch in Gurney. Anybody with me?

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