Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey Ho We're Ready To Roll!

Monseiour Alex,
Hippy Lippy Hui Yuan,
Nicholas the BlingblingChing-A-Ling Rapper.

Its Labour's Day!!!!

God bless those souls that have been working endlessly, without any holidays, for the past one year. Your contributions to the economic and the growth of this country is thanks to the many likes of you working ppl.

We salute you ppl, for all the hardwork and dedication...

bla bla bla... ah screw this shit.

The ONLY thing im happy for is the HOLIDAY!!!!!!!


Im so happy, that I also syhitted in the bus. Cause when you're happy, you release hormones that will stimulate certain parts of ur body. Oh crap. This sounds effing dirtae..

"Aduhai Princess Christine.. Cannot wait till we reach the toilet r?"

"I shall pretend that im sleeping so I wont have to help Christine clean up."

Ok ok. That was so random T_______________T

Erase it from ur memories NOW!


So any guesses where we went?

*hint hint!


Went to Penang old school style ;)

First the taxi from Aimst to the local bus station. Then from there, we took a bus to the Penang jetty! It took 30mins. Give or take. Then from the jetty, we boarded the ship-that-looks-so-karat-and-old-that-it-looks-as-if-it-will-just-sink-if-it-hits-a-fish. But thank god it's stronger than it looks.

Fishermans n fisherwomans! No? Coz you knw, boat, sea, fish living in sea... hahaha! (plz tell me ur laughing as well coz if not this is sooo sad)

When I look into the sea,

I see fish. T___________T

Yea i was trying to do one of those modelesque pose but... quite fail. And the stick looks pregnant! And by stick I dont mean me. And not THAT STICK too! I meant Alex's stick Alex the Stick cause he's thin and tall which only amplifies his thinness. Ok i shall stop embarassing myself T__T

I swear, this is a U blog. Not PG13 or 18SX =.="


Upon reaching the other side (ie the island), we took Rapid Penang to Gurney where we're supposed to rendezvous with Kok Keong and gang.

We were acting like such tourists on the bus, on account it was Nicholas's first time to Penang ;)

We even got a lady who was sitting opposite us to take a 4 pictures for us. Sungguh tidak malu we all.

The boys feel like digging their nose at the same time. heh.

The ride was short, and we reached destination Gurney in a matter of 20mins (i think. I wasnt counting T__T). The ladies needed to freshen up and the boys, well, they had to wait for us.

Obligatory toilet pic!

ONG has landed on planet Civilization!

First stop was Redbox to meet up with my karaoke buddies!

The room was sooo gorgeous! The biggest Redbox room i've ever been in! Apparently this was the biggest room in Redbox Gurney. *proud proud!

Kok Keong all hyped up.


Hahahahah. The same expression.

I love love love karaoke!

Nicholas, MingZhi, Adrian, Karen, SueAnn, Me, HuiYuan, YiShan, KokKeong, Lily

He just coudnt resist that twitch in his nose!

Even got this bar like counter. So cekap rite?


Was supposed to catch a movie together but the timing was not rite for us cause we have to reach the Penang bus station by 9.30pm (cause the last bus back to sp was at 9.30pm).

So we decided to catch another movie! He's Just Not That Into You. Its quite a good movie i'd say. Not those predictable i love you you love me movies. Or those i hate you but i love you flicks.

See what I mean by acting like a tourist. We practically took 100 pics at the same spot. lol.


After the movies, we stopped by MPH (coz we're nerds obviously) to buy books (duh). And im so happy with my purchase! I got myself Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards and Sabriel!

Oh and Nicholas got a storybook writen by.... forgotten who.. and YiShan got a book written by.... also forgotten who. lol. Sorry.


After that we headed to Gurney Drive for dinner.

It was C.R.O.W.D.E.D.

Damn. Finding a table is harder than plucking all the unsightly armpit hair with a pair of tweezers!

But we did eventually find one.

This shop was sooooo cute! The uncle was singing this song he specially made about his rojak while chopping the ingredients with great synchonicity! Like wow!

His cutesness made us buy a packet of rojak from him. And its quite delicious!

That was a very filling dinner. I feel myself gaining another 5kgs. Rwarrr! Must exercise more!


After that we hurried off to the jetty. Crossed South China Sea, and took a taxi back to SP.

I had such an enjoyable time with these goofy ppl.

Next stop is Ipoh and Johor come next holiday! Yay! Cant wait! =)

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nice outing! =)

Christine said...

hehe. Yea! It was fun ;)