Saturday, May 23, 2009

And now there is Facebook.

How do you identify desperate people?

When they are constantly spamming the pages of facebook especially the pages of those they despise.

Ohhmmeeeegod. Why are ppl using facebook to build their social ladder? Its blardy annoying!

Hey. Im all up for reconnecting with lost friends, meeting people who shares similar interest, find long lost cousins ....(guilty as charged).

But now? People are using it to how do you say it, 'be closer friends with the enemies'. I find it real pathetic really. Behind closed doors, you hear them bitching about them, but as soon as the curtains rise, they put on this big thick smile and pretends you are their bestest friends in the world. Then later go to their facebook pages/pictures and write 100s of comments which are so fake that i can feel my eyeballs popping out of their orbital sockets.

I admit I do it too (the smiling, not the invasion of facebook privacy). Whoever says they dont is just trying to win hearts, but we all know thats not true. No matter how much you dislike someone, when you meet them somewhat in a 'wrong place, wrong time' situation, you'll have to give a positive response (else they'll skewer your name to the point of non existence).

But i leave it at that.
See. Smile. Leave.
End of story.

But some people, they can actually take their time to surf through the facebook pages of their enemies, and then proceed to leave "Oh my god you look soooo totally hot in this pics!" comments. (a lil more creativity pls. You're boring me so much till the flies seems to be more interesting)

Total bullocks.

I dont know why im getting so worked up about this. Maybe its cause i needed something to blog about? XD haha.

But seriously, getting 3248123847 emails a day regarding XXX commented on a picture of you on Facebook is making me want to jump off my hostel building (in which i will most probably just break a leg. And a hand. And i expect all of you to be at Pantai Utara Hospital the next day with loads of cookies TopShop vouchers so i can shop when im well again!)

*why oh why must i be friends of people who are of such, thus resulting in the soon to reach maximum capacity hotmail.*

Im just too old for these mind games. Mind you im turning 20 soon. T______T

Why cant we all just be as gay as him and run around in our underwears instead of constantly thinking bout whats the next step in plan TakeOverPopularityContest.


The mindset. So fickle.

Of course im speaking in general. Not pointing the finger on anyone. Just a conversation i had with Jien about this and so happened my hotmail is filled with these facebook junks. The latter was out of my control.

Aww shyuks. Boon will be real proud of me. Less pictures, Tons of Words! Hurrah!

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