Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ex Files

*awaiting ride to Penang. Yes. I know i know. Again T__T*

While waiting, I went through the whole stack of pictures saved up in my D drive. For memories sake. Then i got to this one folder. The Boyfriend EX Boyfriend folder (yea i have a folder only for my previous bfs! Bite me!)

While going through many lost memories, I felt a sudden pang in the heart.

A sudden realisation. I've done everything possible to sabatoge any relationship I had with any guy!

Since i was about form 3 or form 4? I always wanted someone i could love and to hold, to cherish and be cherished, the other partner who would fill my days with smiles, nothing else but smiles!

But everytime i got into a relationship, i wont be happy. I'd find myself wondering, "Im not happy with this guy." I'll find all sorts of excuses to not be with that person. Some as silly as "he's too rich". hahahahaha. As funny as it sounds, its actually very much true! Oh there was another one who was 'too cool' for me. hahahaha. But i digress.

Have to thank my fellow animal friends, and i quote "Jump ship chimp! JUMP SHIP!"

They are my men eliminators. They scrutinized the details of your's truly bfs and give me the honest truth bout what they see in the guy and how far the relationship might go.

Wait, what was i writing bout again?

Speaking of excuses, im sure you guys remember bout The Boy Who Looked Like A Monkey? hahahahahaha. Another stupid excuse to ward out all men from my life.

Why am i so fail? T____T

*oh he's here d. Im off to Penang! Will continue soon =) muakszx!*


I feel so bad for the boy. Have to listen to my rants throughout the whole journey down to Penang. Haha. But thats whats friends are for! Rite? lol!
Flowers, gifts, chocolates, they fail to impress me much (tho they are great to camwhore with)

What i need is sincerity. And loyalty. Someone who I can share my emotions and thoughts with (cause God only knows how uptight and secretive i can be)

Like i said. Im too old for these games. Played it and have outgrown it. Im ready for the next level.

But am i too late for it?

*ps. Adrian. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! lols.

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