Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes, well, Penang again @.@

Apple printed top/dress with bubble sleeves: Nichii
Lavender colored skinnies: Sungai Wang
Layered yellow vest: An Old Flame
Silver chunky bracelet: Sungai Wang
Pink T-Bar Mary Janes: China
Flower cloth fabric handbag: Vintage! (trifted)

So last Saturday right.....

I went down to Penang again......

But this time for a very solid good reason!
I was soooooo bored and I didnt have the mood to study. wtf. haha.

But I did not regret my choice at all for that night, I experienced sooooo many things most of us probably have never tried before! hehehehehehe...

Went to Gurney with Jason, TeeLun and Joe. Hmm. hahah. Now only I notice! They are all from different courses. One from Pharm, the other from Dent and one more from Medic. haha. *proud* Oh, and theres me and Shing Ning. Medic batch 14 *super proud*

ETA is 6pm. I think. Went to Chilis for dinner! I never liked Chilis.Cant remember why at that time.. But after looking at their menu, I remembered. Freaking $$$. Arghhhh... Money God! Please rain showers of money onto me!!!!!

After makan, we went to Winter Warmers to yumcha. Literally. Haha. Me and Ning drank Rose something tea. Which was so nice i swear i can get addicted to it! And the guys had Fruit something tea (honestly the names were so much more cooler but too bad I cant remember them). It was also damn nice! Me want somemore T_____T

Halfway through, me and Ning pretended to go to the washroom but in real fact we wanted to go take pics. ahahahhahah. Sue me why dont you. lol.

Gurney worrrrrrr........ woooo... *acts all jakun*

We did eventually go to the washroom.

Too much tea, so little time.

"One picture is never enough. What if we dont look good in the previous pic? Or the one before that? And the one before before that!?"

RESULT of having all perfect shots (at least for me XD) = All also upload! hahahaha!

Winter Warmers

3rd Toilet break. This toilet is different cause apparently its the G HOTEL toilet =.="

Later we met up with Darren who is a Penangnite! Yay us! We went our separate ways with Jason and gang cause they wanted to go clubbing, and we heard there will be many people that we dont who will be joining them. So we both maluleh... Instead, WE (me, Darren, ShingNing) went to catch a late night movie in Gurney! It was alredy 11pm mind you.
We were having quite a hard time deciding what movie we want to watch. It was either the Univited (my idea), Star Trek (my idea) and Make It Happen (my idea).

So it wasnt such a difficult decision after all. lol.

I reccomend it. Its not bad =)


Alrightey. So this is when all the first time things kicked place!

No1: We were the only 3 fools in the cinema that night!!!!!

Like OhmeegodItwasSoscary!!

How many of you can actually say you watched a movie in a cinema, all by yourself with your 2 friends? Only 3 of us in the whole freaking theatre! We can laugh and scream. Out out legs on the seat in front of us. And wait for it...

We dont have to silent our phone!!!

But it was quite creepy also la. I keep on imagining extra heads at the seats. Suddenly turning and staring at me with it's black eyes which you probably cant see coz its dark. hmm.

NO2: We went and enjoyed the beach view of the beach at IdunnoWhere. hehe.

And then there was mindless camwhoring cause the camera pro started teaching us about the effects and lightings and all those things, so we, as good students, went and practise this art and wahla! Gorgeous camwhoring pics!

Ohh I love this shot.

Morphing effect. Cool.

Looks like I have a male personality in me ;)

No3: Went to Ah Gua street!

After meeting up with Chuah for Porridge in this quaint lil restaurant, he brought me, Darren, and Shing Ning to "Ah Gua" street for some Ah Gua sightseeing!

But today it seems all the Ah Guas are on holiday! Probably because its Wesak Day and the next day is Mother's day.

Quite dissapointed. Wanted to test drive Chuah's stop.approach.anddriveawayfromAhGuagame!


No4: Went drunken fools watching!

We went to the clubbing district and just STARED (i stared AND took pictures as well).

Case 1: Drunken chinese woman being carried into the car by two indian guys.

Case 2: Totally drunken girl hugging the pole for 20mins. Yes. 20 MINS.
OK. The rest is just a repitation. Drunk. Walking unstabaly. Fall.
Oh! We went for late night McD as well =)

At around 3pm, we met up with a not very sober Jason along with TeeLun and Joe. Stop by a lok lok shop and then TeeLun drove us home at 160km/hr and mati enjin twice =)

Christine the soon to be dead medical student

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