Monday, July 6, 2009

Weakened Morale


~What seems to be remnants of my past life as im wasting away in this Land of EveryDayAlsoStudy.~

I miss hanging out with all my friends back in KL. Most of them are on hols now, only me, and the cow are having exams. Like PRESSURREEEEEEE to shits.

Friends from UK, Singapore, *and soon to be Indonesia* are back in KL and I want in on all the exciting road trips and shopping escapades! (Their most recent trip was to Port Dickson. Damn i hate them.)

By the time im back, they're more or less set to go back. T___T

I didnt even manage to send off the Bunny whos headed to Australia for her one year twinning. (Which is a good thing also cause i'll most probably break down and cry. Yea im sad thats she's leaving, but im even more sad by the fact that IM THE ONLY CLAN MEMBER WHO IS STUCK IN MALAYSIA FOR LIKE, FOREVER!

The 2 Aussie girls. One will most probably die of poverty (too much shopping and clubbing), and the other will die due to Jacobs biscuit deprivation. We feel your pain boon.

Yes we are praying for the tin can. Dont bother asking why.
This one will most probably die of exam pressure. And her inability to surpress horny-ness in the country of the Wild. hmm. Dont rape underage boys please. We all want you back for Merdeka.

Picture of EVERYONE who either is going abroad to study or are already abroad excpet for of course, tres mua.
Vee in HongKong, baking mishap = death.

This Canadian chick, i reckon will die cause of all the HOT ANG MOH MEN in her school!!!!!! (I know i would)

im sorry I cant help it :D
This one, death due to over-chiaing girls in UK. Yes i know you have been chia-ing alot of girls to lunch (cause i stalk your facebook T___T) AND FUNNY THINS IS HOW YOU'VE NEVER CHIA ME YET. hurmmph.

Sorry boon. Treat you Jacobs or Weetameal when ur back k ;)

Ahahaha. I dont think i need to tell you guys how his death will come around. You guys can most probably predict it! Getting club to death by a angry mob of Indians in Singapore. hahahaha.


Shee Wuee leaving to Scotland coming August. At least i'll be able to send her off and demand for loads of souveniers!! :D :D :D

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