Monday, August 31, 2009

Its been a long time.


Yes i got smacked by my dad right after that stunt.

Apparently the camera was more important to him than my head being smashed to the point of no recognition by a metal signboard or something like that.

Way to make me inferior to my camera dad.

"Work the camera! work the camera!". Im sexy like that.

BUT anyways, IM BACK from Sarawak! Healthy and alive and not even the tingiest fatter though i was practically stuffing my face with food, food, and yes you've got it right. More food. Makes you wonder huh.

Vester's brother. Or sister. in my grandma's house. I didnt get a chance to find out the sex. Gotta respect a dog's genitals!

Vester's my dog by the way. The handsomest dog you'll see in the whole of USJ 20 neighbourhood. I checked. Twice.

I have a picture of him somewhere on my laptop. But. Unorganized files and pictures. You get the point (have to do something bout that. hmm..) But to give you a rough visual presentation, you can refer to the picture above. They look identical. Except for the fur's color. Mine's sandy brown. Nice :D


I just love going back to Sarawak!

Know why?

Inflight food! Awesome la. I dont know why people always complain about aeroplane food. They're delish!

And its also the birthplace of SUGARBUN!

Sugarbun is a fastfood chain in Sarawak. You can see it in practically every city in Sarawak.

They serve traditional burgers, hotdogs, fries, fried chicken. Like those typical fast food outlet in Malaysia and elsewhere.

HOWEVER what makes it stand out is the fact that they sell Bolognese Spagetthi, Chicken Rendang, Fish Head curry, Prawn mee (or some type of mee. Cant remember), Teh Si Peng, 3 Layered tea, Dog genitals. Ok, i was just kidding bout em genitals. But bottom line is, they sell EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at an affordable price.

But its only famous in Sarawak. God only knows why. No where else in Malaysia can you see this Sugarbun outlet. There was one time it opened in Taipan. Oh yes. It did. I saw it with my very own eyes. But 2 months later. *poof* WHY???! *sigh

*TO BE CONTINUED cause i just got too damn lazy to write anything else.

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