Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I dont get why i cant grow fatter.

Saw this cute doggie statue in the middle of Sibu city. It was literally in the middle of 4 roads. Makes no sense but what the heck. Is cute.

Since i am the only Sarawakian among my kl friends, i find that it is my trusted duty to introduce some local delicacies that i have been most ungraciously chomping on in Sarawak!


Its actually a charity cum church anniversary kind of dinner. It was held in Sacred Heart highschool in Sibu, which, might i add, is an ALL BOY SCHOOL. Yummy. The food of course ;)

A full fledged 8 course meal. Shared by a table of ten. The whole of mom side was there, except for Sam and qiu qiu.

The cute cousins

The Family picture

My mum told me that Sarawakians have this very funny habit when they go out to restaurants, or dinners, or just a simple steamboat at a friend's house. It seems that this is somewhat of a tradition among the aunties and uncles, to keep spare plastic bags in their handbags and pockets, so at the end of the dinner, if there is leftover food on the table, they'll just swoop out their plastics and sweep all the food into it.

Can you imagine the shock i got when i saw the aunties fighting over leftover food?:D
Its like that mountain scene in Kungfu Panda, when master Sifu uses the chopstick and did all that fancy kungfu shit so that Po would somehow master the art of Kungfu and become the Dragon Warrier. Yes i just finish watching Kungfu Panda for like only the 6th time this year. So? Its funny what.

By the end of the dinner, not only did the aunties (and uncles) scraped all the food off the table, they continued to astound me by carrying out the empty softdrink bottles. Haha! :D I must admit, that is a good habit, to recycle them. But, when not one, not two, but when 30 over aunties do it, the scene just turns ridiculous! :D

2. Breakfast at a local kopitiam

Heres another interesting thing i'd like to mention. In Sarawak, when you order food, the waiters usually will put a cup with chopsticks dipped in hot water on your table. The chopsticks will have different colors or different markings in accordance to what types of food you order. So when they serve you your meals, you are expected to take the chopsticks out from the cup so the waiters will know that they have served you with your food already. Interesting ey :)

3. Bintagor Rojak (they say that Bintangor sells the best rojak ever)


5. Steamboat at aunt's place

That was the last meal we had in Sarawak before taking off to KL.
I miss the food already T__T


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