Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just felt like i have to say it out to (maybe) get it over with

I really dont understand human beings.

I just read something which is possibly the stupidest and dumbest thing i have read so far.

It was about a picture of 2 friendnemies.
Oh we know that story too well. Friends in the public eye. But when the curtains fall, the whips and knifes just comes lashing about.

Nope. Thats not what shocked me. It was the caption that comes with the picture.

Friends are worth living for. or some crap like that.



Its so obvious that its a ploy to play campus sweetheart. We all know the rumours. We all know you dont like her. So why?

Cause we needed to feel secure. And to get that, we need a lot of people to like us. We try to convince ourselves that if we are liked by many, it means we must be some awesome possum with a side of cool. So we do the sucking up. Using facebook as a tool to spread our "niceness". Leaving comments here and there and everywhere, like copying something as stupid as those forwarded comments that says "Flowers are beautiful. Friends are like flowers. So therefore, you are beautiful cause you are my friend!".

Geez louise. Thats just so corny. And so frickin lame with a capital L.

If they are your true friend, there is no need to send lame-mo messages like that. True friends 'get it'. No need to try to butter them up.

So why is it that people in Aimst. Yes im being brutally honest for once and i dont give a care about what people think. Its the truth what. I dont know how can anyone live with those conditions and not have anything to say about it!

Why cant all of us just be contented with having a few good friends?

For me, if i dont like that person. I just dont try to pretend. Why? Whats the point if i bodek you and you suddenly found that im a neat person and shit. I still dont like you. Would it make a difference? So why bother?

If you do feel i have hit a nerve, dont blame it on me. It must have been something you did and you cant accept the fact that im right and you're just a stupid old twart cake.

Im trying to be as contented as i can with my life in Aimst. I am! I have good friends like Lisa, Alex, Ming Zhi and a few others (have to leave it at 'a few others' cause if i try to mention everyone's name, im afraid i will miss out one. then i'll get screwed when i get back =.= So AND OTHERS. yea?)that i dont feel im lacking friends. But when people starts to do shit like faking friendships, the beautiful picture suddenly gets slapped up, down, left anf right, all around! Cause then I'll question my own abilities.

"Why im not close as those 2 are" (The kissing up can really mess a person up! You'd think they are such good friends but... hahahahaha. Yea rite.) Then i'll get insecure and start questioning my social abilities.

But hey! After a few days of thinking it through, I realize that i have no social incapibilities! I can talk to anyone bout anything as long as they are willing to listen! Theres nothing wrong with me.

Its the social system back north which is whacked up.

It has been great all throughout exams cause evryone is busy studying. Theres no time to bodek here bodek there. So i dont ever need to feel irritated. Cant we just stay that way? Peace and harmony.

Ahh nevermind. No ones gonna change either way. Period. So im not even gonna bother.

Just try not to annoy me in the process.

Flying off on my imagenary broom.

ps. Social ladder my ass. Who would ever want to climb it? I want to climb down but you people keep blocking.

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