Saturday, September 19, 2009

What i did during the holidays.... [PART 1]

I know you guys missed me :) :) :) Admit it laaaaaa.

A whirlwind month i must say. Things to do, gatherings to go to, SLEEEEEEEEEP (major importance). I had soooo much fun its not even funny.
One month is too short a holiday. TOOO SHORT!
(Dr. Rajesh, i know you read my blog. Can ask the admin or the Dean of Medicine to make our holidays longer? Pleassseeee... Im always on my best behaviour during Microbiology class. I've never skipped microbio, not even once :D Ask Mingzy!)

And i heard next year end holiday is only a measly 3 week. Fml.

I'll just do a brief one over (cause im lazy like that) about what i did during my holidays!

I thought we were doing funny =.=

1) Shee Wuee's farewell in KLIA. We will miss you loads. And i havent kira with the clan yet. How could you all leave me in Malaysia :( FML.

For those of you who didnt know, Shee Wuee has flown to Glascow, Scotland to finish her Pharmacy twinning programme. Beauty and brains, i wont be surprised if hot angmoh guys start queing up to get her number :D


2) Dinner at Hot Piper in Sunway Pyramid.

Frickin expensive. A burger costs like RM30 and a set of pasta costs RM30++.
Good thing i had Adrian to pay for me. Thank you :)


3) Dinner in Pizza Uno at Taipan.
The pizza was effing delicious. And their chocolate vanilla milkshake with a scoop of icecream on top, EFFINGIWANTTODRINKSOMEMORE.

Casablanca. Mmmm :D


4) Clubbing in MOS at Sunway.

After listening to people ooohhh and aaahhh over MOS, what with the no smoking rule, i finally made my mark there thanks to Huey Ching and Jeszye.

The songs were so and so. But it was wayyy wayyy better than the songs they were brewing up in Mist Club today (more on this next time).

The Dj kept dissing Kanye West, shouting, "DO YOU WANT TO HEAR SOME KANYE SONGS???!??!?!". Me not knowing about the whole TaylorSwift/Kanye drama screamed, "YEEAAAHHHHHH".

I think i was the only one who did that. Fml.

MOS very pretty laaa.

Downside is I pretty much suck in dancing. Hema said, and i quote, "Your dance moves are so PG13".

So i dont know how to do the dirty moves and grind, and bone, and spoon, but as of today, i can pretty much dance to the rhythm of the beat :) SUCCESS!


5) Clubbing in Mist Club, Bangsar

Now this event needs a post on its own. The dramas, the near death experience *shivers*

Thanks to Jon, Mingzy, Jenna, Kamlesh, Chen, Hema, Marcus and well to everyone who helped me that night. I owe you guys BIG TIME.

Its nice to know that im not forgotten since my primary school days. Cant say the same for them. Blame it on my neurons. They have the memory capacity of zero =.=

Its funny how last time i used to think that sweaty perverted guys will never try to dance with me (cause im not as hot as the other clubbers), but hoho. I almost got grinded on, had my waist pulled, had a drunk (maybe half sober) man ask me for my number while trying to grab my waist. But it was all good. I just pushed them aside and went somewhere else. Ah.. see how much i've grown.

Throughout the whole night, everyone kept asking me the same thing, "are you really 20?" =.=

Though im partially happy to be blessed with natural smooth baby face, sepet moonshaped eyes which apparently looks adorable whenever i laugh, and with zero some body curves, I dont like it when people still ask me what form am i in!

Ok fine. I sometimes like being called young. Depends on who is telling me that :D


Im now officially too lazy for my own good. Theres still so much more to write about, BUT I shall end here. God only knows when i'll write a proper blog post =)

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kissme19 said...

hahahaha.(HUEY CHING HERE) IM GLAD U HAD FUN. u so nid me to lecture u bout d WORLD LA. N GUYS