Friday, September 11, 2009

Do Me

They serve the spiciest nasi lemak i have EVER tasted.

They are like. THE BOMB. Literally. KABOOM!

I dont know whether it was the nasi lemak or the annoyance of my mangled thick hair which made me decide that I NEED A HAIRCUT.

I have a love hate relationship with my hair.

Sometimes it will annoy me to death when it curls in the most awkward positions. Its frizzy at times. Unmanagable. And so blarghhhh. I have no idea how to work a curler and i dont know how to blow dry my hair in a manner that would make my hair curl in after shower. I just let nature do its work. Yes. I am lazy like that.

But sometimes, it will just fall nicely into place and look perfect. But that doesnt happen often. *Sighh...

The Before picture.
Pink sleeved empire dress/top: A'xteqs
Pink zigzag metal bangle: Bangkok
Silver scale cuff: Sungei Wang
Black tote bag: Sungei Wang
Floral leather pumps: Shanghai

I dont understand why Jian Wei would say i have 'the most beautiful hair among his girl friends'. I dont need shallow compliments to keep me happy you know. Hmmmm...... Maybe i do ;)

Either ways, i made an appoinment with the hair stylist and snip snip! Off goes my hair!

For a measly RM25, I think it looks not bad. Its definately a style i've never tried before. Just ask anyone from 13.

A VERY layered shoulder length cut. Apparently I have very thick hair, and so the hairstylist have to cut my hair 3 times before it actually showed any signs of hair being layered.

Well, you know what they say.

"The thicker hair you have, the more money you can make by selling wigs!"

The After picture.
Yellow boxed shirt: Pachenta Vintage
Black and white Striped vest: The Summit
Side flower motive bootcut jeans: Giordano
Black tote bag: Sungei Wang
Dirty green mermaid flats: Stockist

Overall, I think it looked great on the first day.

But once i took my bath......
Lets just say, it was never the same again. *sighhhhhhh.....

Surprise dinner at Tokyo G today. Fantastic :)

And no kaysim. I dont look like i jumped out of the 70s. Tights are IN!!!!

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