Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I thought, once i finished my finals, i would have ample of time to blog about anything under the sun (and moon. and stars. and clouds.)

But now that exams are done and over with, i cant seem to muster up any sense of self discipline to blog, or to update the business, or to do my style shots.

God why am i born with such lazy genes.


Assymetrical Top: Stockist
Green shorts (u cant see it unless i ungracefully started waving my arms like a mad woman high on RM1.79 Tesco Callifornia Rolls): ChicAvenue
Shoes: Angelika
Brown bracelet?: CS


Yesterday yesterday (which was on Tuesday), we went to Penang for another round of celebrations! Now you no i cant say no to that eventhough i have to endure a 2 hour long journey via public transport
(no we dont have a car. and no. i havent gotten my license yet so back off! Else the h1n1 monster will come and get you. roar.)

The assasination of lifeless humans who tries to make fun of my licenseless state of self.
I call myself. NinwakkacheeseChrisja.
i know it makes no sense. So?

Many love stories started unfolding during the ferry ride. *gives suspicious eye to Alex and YiShan*

So anyways, as you can see, most of the pictures are on the top of the post. Reason is i uploaded all the pictures yesterday yesterday night and just got too lazy to finish the post. So i figured i'll be free the next day so i'll just do it yesterday. As you can probably tell already, that clearly didnt happen.

I think you guys are smart enough to figure out where we went, what we did and what we ate right? So yea. Thats about it ;) Had a brilliant time! And we only spent about RM60 for the whole trip, which includes food, entertainment, transport, etc etc. Budget spender =)

I'll be on hiatus starting tomorrow as i will be in Penang for 2 nights pending flight to Sabah on Monday. Try not to miss me too much ya (whoever you are). The moment i touch down in LCCT, im all yours for the taking cow.

P/S. I PASSED ALL MY PAPERS FOR MBBS YEAR 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One step closer to being a doctor! =)


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haha. Thanks!!!!!!!

Words cant explain how superly happy i am :) :) :) :) :) :)

2nd year here i come!!!