Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Day I Did The Stupidest Thing Ever

I actually am in no mood to blog at all, being hysterically shaken just a mere 30 minutes ago.

But i'm forcing myself to record the details of what had happened tonight to remind myself (and to others) of one's own stupidity.

What happened may seem like a small matter to some people. But for me, being the person who had experienced it, well, lets just say that i'm not taking it lightly at all.

I always thought of myself as a smart person. I might not be in the Honors roll at my university (or even during my high school years), but i pride myself as being someone who is independent and street smart. I always THINK i know what's right and what's best, and i act coherently with my thoughts. My parents always tell me that my biggest flaw is always thinking that i'm smarter than anyone else. And to some extent, it's true. I admit that.

Like for example when my parents told me to stay away from places like Snooker centers cause bad people hang around there, i went anyway with my friends (of course after getting their permission). Cause to me the place didn't seem that bad and my friends have all been there. Plus it was 'Cool'.

Or when they said don't go clubbing (for obvious reasons), i reasoned with them that:
1) my friends have all been there
2) as long as im careful, nothing will happen
3) im old enough
4) going with big group of friends
5) etc etc


This was what happened today:

I went to CS (local shopping mall) to get some errands done. Wanted to pick up my necklace which i sent for cleaning, get some new stationary, and to buy Mcd (just because i was craving for it).

It was about 8pm when i reached the place. Being a cheapo, i decided to NOT park in the shopping mall's carpark to save a measly RM1. So i rounded the area, and finally found a place to park. It was in front of this one deserted looking house in the housing area behind the mall.

Though the place is right behind the mall (albeit having to walk quite a distance), it has to be one of the dodgiest place i've ever been to. NO STREET LAMPS, and the roads were narrow. It looks unkept with all the stray grasses growing as tall as my knee and there was all these stray cats and dogs roaming around. If that wasn't enough, i saw a few suspicious looking men walking about the streets.

But me, acting smart and shit, thought that it would be fine and decided that it wasn't as bad as it looks. So i hopped out of the car, and began walking to the mall.

After about an hour or so, the mall was closing, so i began my walk back to my car.

This was when my worst nightmare came to life.
As i was walking along the dimly lighted street, i noticed two malay (maybe indian) men walking behind me. So ok, i just up-ed my guard and continued walking. Somehow the men started to walk faster and as i turned around, i saw them staring straight at me whilst talking to themselves. So i started to freak out abit. I quickened my pace only to see a malay man on a motorcycle sitting right next to my car. The guy was just, sitting there. At the sides of the dead street. At 10pm.

Oh and did i mention, as i was walking, there was this motorcyclist with this ridiculously tall mohawk, who kept wolf-whistling at me. And i saw this fella more than thrice! It's as if he was riding in circles cause i keep seeing him riding on the opposite lane, over and over again.

So when you sum all of that together, it was just terrifying! I immediately dashed to the opposite lane and practically ran back to the mall!

I waited a couple of minutes before trying to get to my car again. And the same thing happened, with the same guys! It was already pretty late, and i didn't want to drag the time because the crowd was getting lesser and lesser by the minute.

Scared shitless, i called yi shan, and she told me to buy an umbrella at the 24hours 7-11 outside the mall. I was dumbfounded. Why on earth would she want me to buy a friggin umbrella at a time like this???? So i asked her why and she replied "obviously it's to whack the idiots if they try to do anything funny".

But i wanted a second opinion so i called Alex and he gave me a bunch of suggestions. As i was talking to him i saw this mid thirties woman walking down the same street with a huge umbrella so i ran after her and walked right behind her all the way till i reached the road where i parked my car. The man on the motorcycle was STILL there, the 2 dodgy men was STILL hanging about at the opposite side of the road, and that mohawk guy, was STILL zooming past me every 2 minutes.

The couple of seconds later was just a blur as i felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Its either now or never.




Thinking i was safe, i looked at my side mirror and saw the 2 dodgy men practically running towards me!

I let out a little scream and frantically tried to start my car! But i just couldn't get my key into the hole because it was too dark and i couldn't see the hole! So i kept jabbing the keys around that area over and over again and thank you lord! i managed to find it, start my car, and sped off!

My heart was pounding against my chest as i tried to gasp for air. It was insane and terrifying. I turned the air-con up full blast because i just feel so hot and out of air.

So many things could have happened! Robbery was one thing. But what if it was more than that?!

All this happened just because i wanted to save 1 lousy buck and because i tried acting 'smart'.

I really thank god that nothing happened. That i escaped unscathed and fine. Though i have no physical injury, the scar in my mind will be here to stay. I will never in my life forget this nightmare, and i will learn to lower my ego and heed advices given by others.

So just as a reminder to all you ladies, and men out there, please please please, don't ever get yourself into my position. Remember, safety always come first!!


Li ying said...

Hey, christine, i just dropped by. thank godness nothing happened. and thanks for sharing your experience. my mom got pouch snatched at the housing area behind CS, in broad daylight too. they even have a 'AWAS! kawasan rompak' sign put up there. but yeah. scary. to be safe, don't drive out of aimst at night. u know that long bypass that's dark and car-less at night? i can only imagine someone could block the road with their car and get an accomplice to drive up behind you so you could not turn's all dark and no one would pass by for the next 20 minutes.

ShinG NinG said... time don park in dark area + don go out at night ALONE!!
Soooo Dangerous!!!!

shanmugamlakshmanan said...

actually the CS car park looks just as dangerous

pls be careful

Just wOlfwErekINg said...

hey thanks god you are ok... i saw ur status in fb on one day which obviously i have forgotten n wondering wat's it about.... btw when u r alone, dun becoz wanna save the rm1 then~~~~ u get wat i mean rite??? anyway take care!!!!

Y2 said...

Which part of CS is the darkest area? Park in the designate car park in future..

Han-x said...

sorry for the late late comment. Call us or any guy to give u a lift or drop by.

aikmunnlar said...

i have heard numerous news regarding the parkings at the housing areas there. crimes were rampant. thank god you're okay. be more careful next time

Christine said...

Hey guys :)

Thanks for the advice. Will definitely take heed. Yea, will definitely not park anywhere dark ever again. lol.

Hanxin, how to call u lar. Im in Kedah, ur in Subang. U wanna take a 5 hour journey to kedah to save me izit ;) ?