Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just got back from a triple birthday celebration at a friend's house in Penang. Mad awesome party! But that is not why i'm blogging today.

No my friends, today, i am blogging, because.

I got complimented about my blog today :) That and the fact that i found out my batchmates actually read my blog. I never knew anyone from my class would actually read my blog, let alone stumble onto it. The known readers from my class amounts to 3 people. Out of the 130 students in my class, only 3 people reads me. That's a pathetic 2.3%.

But i guess i should do a new statistic :)


Anyways yes, because of that, dengan bersemangatnya, i shall write a post today.

So lets travel a couple of decades weeks ago, when i was still on my sem break.

I went out with Kaysim to Pyramid for lunch. Initially we wanted to catch a movie together. But i can't remember why we canceled it later =.=

Plain turqoise tee: Forever 21
Faded green shorts: Scarlet
Tiered brass necklace: Stockist
Brown ribbed shoulder bag: Steffano
Black holey shoes: Tesco

We went to Snowflakes which is located in Asian Avenue. We both wanted to try something new cause we were damn sick of going to the same old food joints (sakae sushi was one in particular). I would say its just alright. Quite bland really. So i won't recommend coming here.

Note the side parting of my hair! I switched my parting to the other side and unfortunately for me, it looks so crappy!!!! My fringe looks as flat as an ironing board! argh!


PS: I DROVE. yeah~~

On a separate occasion, me and my mum thought it would be nice for us girls to go for an all girl shopping spree! We dined like a king and gossiped like all women do!

I insisted on driving :) And reluctantly my mum agreed cause she feels that i'm that lousy of a driver when in reality, i think i drive quite alright.

We headed over to IOI mall which is actually much near to my house compared to Pyramid. Eh i didn't know that had an extension so i was quite surprised when i saw a movie theater there! Thank god for modernization!

Anyways, first thing on my list was food cause i was dead hungry! So BBQ Plaza it is!

It was my first time dining there and i'm glad to say, unlike Snowflakes, this place is actually pretty good! Nice ambiance and the food was delicious (at least to me it was)!

The good thing about this place is that you can BBQ and do steamboatin at the same time! Yah i know that you can find this kind of restaurants spread all over Malaysia but this place is different! The place is CLEANNNNNN and its not crazily jam packed with human beings PLUS its AIR CONDITIONED!

Say hello to aunty Agnes y'all!

After nomming till i bellies can stretch no more, we went shopping like duh! I bought my Court shoes from Larries and so did my mum. So it was a happy day for both of us :)

Oh ya, we accidentally left our Jusco buns at the kuih bahulu store! By the time we remembered bout the buns, it was half past midnight :( FOL la. But what to do, what is done, is done :(


shanmugamlakshmanan said...

yes you should be proud. your blog rocks.

Christine said...

thanks! :)