Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being a Girl

As blessed as i am to have blemish and pimple free skin, my mum still thinks it is absolutely essential for me to have a facial at least, like once in a lifetime. My sister had gone for close to 20 over facials, whilst i have gone for zero. I never found the need to make an appointment as I have always believed that proper self care will suffice.

But my mum persuaded me to go for a try, and since i've got nothing to lose, i did.

Soothing cup of Chamomile tea while waiting for the lady to get the room prepared.

Waiting lounge.

The facial is suppose to last for about an hour or so. Sounds long but when you are in the room, surrounded with nice smelling scents and having your face being massaged, the time just somehow slipped by very quickly.

Having my face lathered in some cream which BURNS. Supposedly it was to unclog my pores or something. Whatever it is, this was the painful part (oh the blackheads popping were pretty painful too =.=)

My sister kept telling me "Jie can you stop complaining anot. ITS A NORMAL REACTION. Now chill and let me sleep." Sorry la but it was really burning. =.=

Post facial treatment.

After the whole procedure was complete, it was time for noms! The family and I headed over to Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade for like the 32809234 times that week for dinner.

Since you all have meet Mother Lee, now meet Father Wong.


Pale pink top: SEED
Black layered lace shorts: Stockist
Grey studded bag: Stockist
Black holey shoes: Tesco

A relaxing and enjoyable day. Love it!

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