Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Oh the joy of stepping into a new year!

I've always love celebrating occasions as festive as this! Sad to say, as we grow older, other priorities take focus and celebrations took a backseat on our journey called Life.

Cheng Foong making me Cold Udon with Miso soup as a side! What a good way to start off new year's eve by having such a tasty free lunch!

So simple yet so delicious! And you guys wonder why i like Jap food so much.

3 days ago, I bought a one way ticket back to SP 4 days before my semester break ends, just to catch up on my reading (which totally failed btw fml), sacrificing any New Year's Eve celebration with the family and friends! I didn't really mind it at first cause hey, there's always next year right? Plus, i'm just really really lazyyyy... But as New Year inches closer, i simply couldn't bear the thought of lazing around the house doing nothing when everyone else is out having fun! So a few sms later (which literally took 5 mins), dinner was on.

The infamous 'Mae Salong', the Thai restaurant which everybody who is anybody is raving about.

Li Ying's attempt to demonstrate how she can fit the entire fish into her mouth. haha.

On a side note, super hate the chairs, so uncomfortable! And it tells alot when i say that the chair bench can only fit half my butt! =/

Mae Salong is famous for its well sculpted landscape, so pictures are obligatory!

Pretty stairs.

Pretty bench.

Pretty wheel thingy.

Pretty fountain.

Pretty swing.

Omg i sound so bimbo. hahaha.
Must.... resist.... urge.... to call everything pretty.

I think i heard one of the branches snap when we attempted to swing ourselves - you know, to relive childhood memories. Epic fail =/

We girls then headed to Summer Pearl (because we all know how much i like pearl drinks).

Followed by an unexpected trip to the 'pasar' near the clock tower. Bought a few random items like:

1) Wall stickers! I bought one which has the World Map on it with plans to stick it at our blm dining hall so we can all brush up on our Geography skills every now and then! Why am i so thoughtful someone reward me nao!

2) Really really REALLY cute soft toys for a price of only RM15 for both! So uber cute i can't believe they were selling it for such a low price! Plus one of it is the size of both my thighs combined!

Anyways, just to recap. New Year's Eve was awesome! Never thought that i will have so much fun going out on random outings like this! But i believe its the company that matters cause. well anyone with an IQ of more than 60 would be able to figure it out. haha.

Before i end it for the night, i would like to leave you all with a picture of me jumping yi shan! Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Jon Tay said...

half ur butt?? so its either u have a really huge butt or the chair is made for midgets... last picture is freakin awesome... or should i say, pretty... haha...

anyways, happy new year...

JonTay showing some lurve... Chaoz X

reader said...

wow. you're really pretty.

happy new year.

Christine said...

Jon Tay: thanks :) but i think i dislocated her shoulders because of the last shoulders. haha. Now no one can call me light =/ haha! happy new year to you too!

reader: hi! thanks for the compliments and happy new year to you too! =D

Christine said...

*dislocated her shoulders because of the last picture =/ typo. haha*

Grecia Anggelita said...

It's a funky blog, i think i like it. How about you??

Christine said...

Hi there Grecia :)

Thanks for your comments! Looked thru ur blog too. Ur from Indo huh? I went there for a trip not too long back! I love the place! The food, the culture, the SHOPPING! ;)

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