Monday, April 13, 2009

I've got the Exam Blues

Exam sial.

So busy. Yet still can online to do nonsense stuffs. Like this. Wtf.

Have like a gazillion of things to blog about. Not including my plans for shopping when I get back!

Everyone. Please pray that Christine will pass all her papers aite and that I dont get too ugly during exam mode. Exams really bring out the UGLIEST in you.


Tomorrow's paper is Microbiology plus! Freaking pathology. The notes is as thick as my thighs! And my thighs are quite big ok! I think.

Dear God, if you let me pass my exams, I will try not to spend so much on shopping when I get back. Instead I shall use it as offering in church. *omfg. Im trying to bribe God. How evil can I be???

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