Thursday, April 23, 2009

Princess Christine's Journey

Yes. I shall shamelessly call myself Princess Christine throughout this whole post. Bite me.

Princess Christine had a pizzass time with Miss. Evelyn at Sungei Wang or izit SUNGAI Wang? Sungei or Sungai..? Sungai makes more sense doesnt it? Cause Sungai Wang is like River Money! And we all know that Money in Rivers are so totally kick ass!

Anyhoos! So yea! The plan was to cover both Sungai Wang and Times Square eventhough I told Evelyn thats its IMPOSSIBLE. But does she believe me? Me the shopping expert KL-ian!?

No. (we didnt even cover half of Sungai Wang let alone Times Square)

So. err.... I told you so? XD


We took the KTM! Reached destination LalaLand in 40 minutes!

Get those credit cards ready people!!

But first.


Ate at Bee Tea Cafe! First time trying this place out. Definately will be back for seconds!

Unlike the people in the Apartment, the waiters here actually smile, and joked around with us. 3 thumbs up! *cuts of Jon's thumb =)

Aww i look so ladylike and sweet today! *pats back

*BURPS. xcuse me. hehe.

Meals done, its time for WAR.

no wait. People dont go ROAR in real life.


This shop. BLISS. Wow. The salesgirl managed to convice me to buy a pair of Lavender colored skinnies (which i wore when i met up with Gary and Francis). LAVENDER. As in LIGHT PURPLE.

People in Aimst are gona give me hell for this. Sighhh...

Something not quite my style eh? But i quite like the skirt. So princess like.

All hail Princess Christine from the Land of United Shopaholics. haha. No seriously. BOW.

After shopping for like 6 hours straight, the tummy and legs gave way and we resided in the Land of Eat Me Fast So You Can Have More Time To Shop.

Also known as Teppanyaki.

Zhing Zhneg Ping! Foods ready!

This fair Land of Eat Me Fast So You Can Have More Time To Shop, they really do cater to a Shopaholic's need.

For strength to carry on miles and miles on horrendous battle grounds, they were wise to feed us with lots and lots of


The fair cooks of Eat Me Fast So You Can Have More Time To Shop, were very generous as to give us seriously ALOT of Taugehs.

I nearly choked on one.

But nothing can stop the fair maiden (which is me of course) from reaching her clothes!

Yea. Mission completed.

We continued on for another 3 hours. We were so strong that day.
*pats back.

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

Do you want to see me in my new outfits? hehehehehe.

Call me Princess Christine and i just might :)

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