Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GIve me a dime and I'll take over the World

Oh no. This is not going to be an emo post. For all you emo lovers out there, you can just suck my finger.

Emo-ing is dumb. Emo-ing are for people who have no other better things to do, or it could be that they just want attention.

Probably. Its all speculation.

Sigh... Im feeling my life is just so.. Structured. So planned. Especially if your studying in god forsaken Aimst in this god forsaken petty little state some Malay dudes back in 1950 decided to name, Kedah.

Everyday I go through the same routine. Wake up, fall back to sleep, only to be woken up again by the same defeaning sounds of my alarm. I drag myself to the bathroom, wash my face and brush my teeth with the same toothbrush I've used for almost 3 months now. Eew. I know. Then scratching my ass, I'll walk over to the cubicle and do my daily business during which I often found myself wondering, why the fuck does the toilet stink so much. I swear to god, it smells so bad, I would rather.. not piss.

Got dressed, packed my bags, and rushed off to breakfast. And then off to class.

Once home, I'll take a nap, then waking up a few hours later to do my revision.


Dont you just feel like commiting suicide by just reading this mundane post of mine about my mundane daily routine. Wait, kill me first aite?

Yea yea theres the visits to town, and the occasional trips to Penang. But it kinda lose all the thrills once you've been to Penang like almost 15 times. This year. And you can only go to the same old places. Bed, Queensbay, Gurney, Perangin Mall, Little India, the beach up in Feringghi hill, Autocity, the TomYam shack, Sunway Carnival, the stupid bowling center in the middle of all the clubs, etc etc...

Bad enough that Im practically confined to this tiny little anthole of mine 15 hours a day, I now have to deal with people going all emo. I dont know. Is this emo season or something? People. The world is not a very nice place. Deal with it. Please?

I go through it too people. But I dont cry everyday. I dont sit around, mope about it for hours and then bitch about it for weeks! You get hurt, of course you'll feel sad. You take the time off. Recuperate. And then you start over again. No one ever said life's gonna be easy.

Wait a minute. This post does sound abit emo. Wtf.

Think shopping and everything will be ok.

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