Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Like Ewwwwwww....

Mehh.. Dont ask me why the picture came up terbalik.

Thats not the point.

I went to LeBoss today with the Bitch and Mingzy. So I was happy eating away while deep in argument with the Bitch bout racism, homosexuality, ways to train ur bitch. wtf. I wasnt paying much attention to the food, instead I was carelessly swinging my knife around tempting to stab the Bitch everytime he came up with a good rebutt.

Half way eating my delicious Dori Fish Fillet Kampung Style watever, I noticed something black.


Ive' seen those once too many times in the campus cafeteria and now it ended up in my food!


But you know whats the first thought to go through my mind? It was too eat as much of my spagetthi and wedges as possible then ask for a new plate! haha. Omg. So evil. I planned to ship half my spagethi to the Bitch's plate but it would have seem too suspicious. Like mayb I planted the fly there @.@

But eventually I did get a change. And the Le Boss ppl was so fantastic! Gave me free ice cream after that! ;) hearts!

Hopefully I wont lao sai like that last time I got food poisoning and was then shipped off to the hospital.

But then again, I miss Dr. Amir. haha.

Ooohhhh! Since its April Fools and all, im going to post a pic of EuShen trying on my white hairband! And he cant get angry for it since its April Fools! hahahhahahah! (Actually theres not really a connection to this and April Fools huh. haha. Oh well)

*now insert pic of christine with the band. Ok. Its not a really nice/ good pic, but its the only one i have with my white hairband T________________________T

Needless to say who has won the prettier award XD


SaSa said...

dori fish tak boleh makan arrr~~ they were catched and kept in some sort of dirtiest longkang arr~

^.^ said...

Serious? Eewww... Lucky i didnt get food poisoning. Thanks for the heads up! :)