Friday, April 17, 2009

You have failed me at my most crucial time.

How could you?

At my most crucial time, FAIL ME?

I needed you.

Like how cows need water (what. its not like im pointing fingers *glares. hahahahaha)

And like how short people need their high heels (what...... my fingers still on my keypads ok. Not pointing at anyone *glares glares and glares somemore. hahahahahaha)

You. Of all times. Chose that particular moment, to SNAP.

I hate you.

Burn in plastic land.





You know how much I took care of you? How much i spent on you, you wretched plastic thing!

Moments before departing to Queensbay for the start of my post exam shopping sprees, my hairband broke :( And it was my favourite out of all my hairbands coz its simple and nice! And costs me rm2.90. haha! Bought it from Tesco by the way.

Anyways! Fast forward the 20mins car drive and teng teng teng! We're in Queensbay! yippee! Have i told you how much I love shopping!>!? But im no shopaholic! I just love being near clothes!

There was 2 things I kinda regretted not buying. Cause you know recession and shit. I tried to save some money. You never know when you might need it *serious tone.

Am feeling this pink flats! The color is so sweet and its flats! Im so over my heels phase. Too many heels overpopulating my racks here and back in campus. So flats r my current craze

This one is from Vincci by the way.

Oh oh! I was seriously considering this dress from FOREVER 21.

It was soooooo uber GORGEOUS! I cant believe I didnt buy it!!!!!

Studded around the neckline and all around the dress. Figure hugging and oh. Have you seen the back?

Oh la la sexy back!

RM 139.

Saw this piece after I came out of the fitting room. Love this piece too! Similar concept to the dress I tried on earlier. STUDS.


We shopped and shopped and shopped till out tummies could take no more. They were seriously howling for food! Marched off to the land where Sea Creatures fear most.

Sakae Sushi.

Yi Shan, Me, and Evelyn.

I freakin love sushi.

*poke poke* dont eat my sushi *glares. hahahaha.

My shopping bag have officially became more important than my handbag. Its worth more than whats in my wallet! XD check out my over estatic smile. haha.

YUP. It was an awefully tiring day but Im so darn happy! Im glad with all my purchases! hurrah!

Wil blog about my shopping spree part 2 in Sunway Pyramid and part 3 in The Curve next time :) cheeeeeersssss!!!!!!!!!! Holiday WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

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