Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello. I am Spring :)

Ish. So fail.



So we've heard bout this place like almost a gazillion of times.

"Its near Old Town. Same row!"

"Got video console! Can play all day long! No need study d! Woohoo!"

"The waiter damnnnnnnn HAWT!!!!!!!"


Here's the video console for you.

Eushen asked us out. Obviously is to ask us to chia him. Again.

Your plot, so transparent.

Overall its just so so. The portion is berryberry small ok! And usually i'll get full after a few bites but my tummy is still growling after my lunch.

The Nerd was still hungry so he ordered another plate, albeit he only has RM22 in his wallet. Damn sad ok for a guy to bring this little $$$.

Have i told you how much i <3 my Topshop Brown Monotone Top!?

I had spicy thai fish with rice..

I swear I didnt fart! =X

Its Britney b***h.
Something stinks.... Eu Shen. Brush much?

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