Thursday, April 23, 2009

Im home me love!




Ish... Damn potong. CICAK MAN? Like. LAMEEEEEEE!

Ya i know. Support Malaysian home grown movies, but come on... This is just so. Kindergarden. T______T

Today was all about opening and closing accounts, signing papers here and there. *Phew. It was T.I.R.I.N.G.

Nothing eventful happenned. But we did stop by an awesome restaurant in Puchong. Cant remember the exact name of the shop. But I think it was Golden Egg. Hurm. Dont ask me why XD

Awesome array of Pan Mee. Boon wouldve loved this place!

Outfit for the Day:

Vintage Floral Bohemian Top: trifted
Skinny jeans: Romp
Belt: Sister's
Flats: Nose
Bag: The Store in Kedah
Chunky bangle like watch: Auto City, Penang
Make up: Nil.

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